Portraits by me, Robin, Custom House Portrait in Cincinnati

Watercolor House Painting of home in Cincinnati, Ohio
It's always spring in my studio!  Here's a portrait I just painted of a home in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I had to work from more than one photo because it wasn't spring at all!

I loved painting in her pretty garden and adding the trees all leafed out.

I like how the nearby tree turned out.  It's more detailed then I usually do, but I'm going to do more of that.

Thanks for stopping to look at it!  I'm artist Robin Zebley, I live just outside of Philadelphia, and paint home and pet portraits all over the country thanks to the internet!

My turn around time is about two weeks, I work from your photos and will discuss exactly what you would like.  Feel free to visit all of my pages here by clicking on the tabs at the top, including my references and feedback from clients!  Robin