About me

Hi, this is me, portrait artist Robin Zebley, off hiking with hubby and dog.  I love the outdoors! 

I live outside of Philadelphia in a "restoring" 1920s bungalow and my studio is on my second floor among the sycamore leaves!  My studio pal is Sarge, a brindle boxer who goes just about everywhere we go.

I work outdoors in my garden as much as I can.

I began specializing in pet portraits over 14 years ago, when my newborn nephew came home from the hospital and I looked over and saw their boxer, Brutus, pouting on a chair while we oooohed and ahhhhhed over the human baby!  I snapped his photo, but you know how it is, there was baby stuff in the background and a glass of iced tea on the table in front of him, stealing the show.  So...I tried my hand at turning Brutus into a real piece of art with colored pencils and was hooked!  Here he is!

Boxer Dog in Colored Pencil

Brutus brought me my very first commissions 13 years ago and now my portraits are in homes and offices all over the world.  I still love to work in professional grade colored pencil, I just love the lush colors and fabulous detail I get with them.  But most of my portraits are painted with oil paints on canvas these days, a slightly loser look.  I also paint humans and houses!

Custom Dog Oil Painting on Beach

Last year, I started doing house portraits and have enjoyed that even more than I dreamed!

When I can, I enjoy taking a class, one of my favorites is at Fleischer Art Memorial in Philadelphia!  I also love visiting art museums and galleries, I recently enjoyed my first ever vist to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

I've won local awards, have my work in a permanent collection in a university   But my favorite honor is being chosen to paint or draw your pet or kid...or anything else that strikes your fancy...boat, car, vacation spot, home?

I can provide a ton of references if you need them!  And if you have any questions, please just ask! 
Email or call me at 610-220-8053!  Robin