Custom Portraits, FAQ

Bulldog portrait painting
Brutus the Boxer, My first pet portrait
Q.  What is the process to order a custom portrait?
A.  1.  Contact me at 
      2.  Choose a size
      3.  Choose your payment method.  I can either send you a Paypal invoice or, if you'd like to pay with a credit card, I will create a custom listing for you via my Etsy shop.

Q.  Do I need a great photograph to get a great portrait?
A.  No!  I specialize in being able to take an array of photos and pull what I need from a variety to create a special work of art.  I can put animals together, dream up a background, eliminate unwanted details.  We'll work together to create the portrait you'll treasure forever.

Q.  Do people purchase your portraits as gifts?
A.  Most of my portraits ARE gifts.  They make a thoughtful gift, your loved one knows that you went the extra mile to get a gift they will really treasure.  Many of my portraits are given as an unique wedding gift.  Blended pet families, the new house portrait, so thoughtful and so welcome!  Birthdays and Christmas, Mothers and Fathers Day, Anniversaries, all are great excuses to get a portrait done!

Q.  What is your turn around time?
A.  That depends on my waiting list.  I work in the order I receive a paid-for commission.  Most of the year, my queue is about 3 to 5 weeks. Christmastime is another story.  My waiting list fills up fast, so order early!

Q.  Can you do rush orders?
A.  I can usually squeeze in a rush by working late and on weekends.  Just ask, and I'll let you know if I can meet your close deadline. 

Q.  I have more questions.  Where can I contact you?  

You can call me at 610-220-8053.  If I don't answer, please text me with your name and I'll return your call quick.  Or email me at