My Oil Painting of a Little White Fluffy Dog

Oil Painting Dog Portrait I recently painted
My portrait painting of this little guy was a Christmas gift for a Dallas couple from their kids.  It wasn't hard at all to capture that impish expression!

This guy is quite elderly, and my clients said it made it all the more poignant and loved by their parents when they opened their gift.

I loved working with a group purchase for a gift their parents.  I think the love comes through when so much thought is put in advance of the perfect gift for those who have everything.  I often paint blended families and new house portraits as wedding gifts, too!

Thanks for visiting my informal little website, I hope you'll enjoy every page.  I'm artist Robin Zebley, and I've been painting portraits of pets and houses and drawing kids for happy customers all over the US.  I love animals and think it shows!  Contact me if you'd like to discuss a project you have in mind, no obligation.  My work is 100% guaranteed.  If you don't LOVE it, return it for a full refund. Here are more paintings and drawings from my portfolio of Custom Pet Portraits